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Submitting Your Business To Local Directories

When it comes to submitting your business to local directories, you can do it by hand which would take countless hours or you can do it automatically in one shot.

Your business is important to you and bringing in customers is the biggest aspect of your business. No customers = no revenue.

Now you can submit your local business information to our mass directory submission site.

If you submit your business information to these local directories, you will not only show up in the search results but you will also show up in SmartPhones. Today’s phones are equipped with GPS which can lead a consumer straight to your door.

Now more than ever small businesses are able to compete with the big boys. Each directory listing is like having another website in cyberspace.

Get on board and submit your business information today so it can be found by consumers tomorrow.


Exact Match Domain Recovery

Our domain is an exact match domain and boy did we suffer when Google tanked EMD’s or exact match domains. But if you are reading this, it look like you found us okay using Google.

We lost traffic like crazy, but we were able to bring ourselves back up to par.  How did we recover from Google’s Exact Match Domain Update?

Here’s how.

We used a tool like this one to measure keyword density.  We lowered our keyword density from 12% down to 3%.

We also took a look at where are backlinks were coming from. We had no problem with any spammy anchor text and most of our links are natural so we didn’t think this was a problem.

We started blogging again on this site and are attempting to update the site regularly.

Design wise, we put more content above the fold to avoid any other Google penalties.

We also got some outside help for our SEO efforts which really worked nicely.

The recovery time from the Exact Match Domain update only took about a month.

If you Google: SEO Tools and Software we come up again on the first page.


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Google Penguin Recovery

A lot of friends of mine with websites lost a lot of traffic due to the Penguin update by Google. Especially if you have a domain that matches your keywords like our domain – (SEOTOOLSANDSOFTWARE.)

It can be a pain in the butt trying to get your traffic back to normal.

Here are a few things that we did to try to get out traffic back to normal.

Eliminated backlinks to this site that were an exact match to our keyword. (ie SEO Tools)

We removed our links from blog rolls. If a blog has hundred or thousands of pages, tags, categories each page can be counted as a backlink. Instead of using a keyword for anchor text, we used a generic “click here” anchor text.

We also took a few lessons from one of our internet marketing friends.

We got a membership to this site to help us get our traffic quickly. We also had about twenty other sites that had exact match domain names that were affected.


Check out a membership to this site and see what they have to offer. I’m sure you will get traffic back on track once you see what is inside the members area.


An SEO FightBack membership is essential if…



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Reliable Web Hosting for Small Businesses

In light of the recent attack on GoDaddy webmail and servers. There is an alternate webhosting for your small business.

We use HostGator. They have a 99.9999% up time. We have never had a problem with HostGator since our website has been up.

If you are using GoDaddy now and want to use HostGator – Check them out now for some great savings.

How To Get Into Yellow Pages Online

You can get into the Yellow Pages and hundreds more directories online in one shot. You don’t have to sign up and pay for each one separately. That is a waste of time and money. With this service (CLICK HERE) you can be listed all over the place with your verified and correct information.

Getting into these directories can be a hassle. People spend 100′s even 1000′s of dollars with SEO companies to get into these directories. You can do it yourself, for your business saving you time and money in the long run.

There are a lot of agencies that will charge a fortune to get you into many directories when all you have to do…is go hereand do it yourself.

The Australian Yellow Pages logo used by Telstra; as in most countries it includes the famous “Walking Fingers” icon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Your business can be listed all over the web web and mobile directories.  Some of these search engines and directors are GPS related and you could be literally driving customers to your door.



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How Can I Get My Business Listed on Google

If you are looking to get your business listed on Google and 100′s of other directories in one shot, you have found something that could help propel your business to the next level.

Because of the use of smartphones by people to find locations of businesses, doesn’t it make sense to have your business listed with many of these directories across the web to phones.

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...

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If your business cannot be found by a mobile user, you may as well be out of business.

More people everyday use their Iphone or Android phone to find businesses.  If you are not listed in these directories, you could be missing out on a lot of business.

When my clients are looking for a way to boost business I always recommend that they get listed into local internet directories, Google, Yahoo and Bing maps.  But then they look at me like they are lost.

I couldn’t do this cost effectively for my clients so I send them here, where they just submit their business info and then get listed in to a mass amount of directories.


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How to Get Your Practice Listed in Internet Directories

Doctor, dentist, lawyer, or chiropractor…you are a professional. You are good at your craft. If you want more people across the web to find your business in local internet directories, I’m about to show you how to do so.  I’m a cost effective internet marketer and when most of my clients want to get listed into over 300 directories at once, I show them how to do it.

Submit your business to over 300 directories now!

I don’t personally charge for this. I could. Some internet marketing firms charge hundreds and thousands of dollars to get you listed into directories.

If you want to submit your business information to a mass directory submission program I would recommend this directory submission service.

It’s cost effective and not only will you get into local directories but mobile directories as well including GPS systems. Why not have your web listing drive customers, patients and clients to doors of your practice.

I hope this helps businesses that are looking for a way to list their specialties in many directories at once.

Improving Reach Using Directories

Submitting your business information to directories across the web can greatly improve your reach.  Most people are using their smartphones to find local businesses.

Each directory is like having another website. So instead of having just your main website,  your business information can be spread across the web. However, the key to successful directory submissions is to make sure that your information is correct and accurate.

If you want to submit your business to 1000′s of directories across the web, you can get more information here.



Get Your Business In Local Search Engines

If you are a local business or  part of a franchise, you are probably wondering how  you can get your business information listed in all kinds of local directories at once.

Imagine, having your business information spread across the web when someone searches for your ice cream shop, Italian restaurant or bike shop.  You can have a significant advantage over your competition.

By submitting your business to local internet directories, you are not only tapping into a resource that will spread your business info

English: Bike mechanic at a local bike shop

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across the web…but also GPS, smartphones and more.  So not only will you be listed in mass internet directories but you will be able to guide customers to your parking lot.

More exposure means more revenue.

If you want to get your business listed CHECK THIS OUT NOW.

How To Submit Your Business To Internet Directories

You have a local business and you want to get your site and your business listed in as many directories as possible. Doing so is a must! By submitting your business to local internet directories, you will not only have your business information more visible, but some of these directories are very smartphone friendly and with GPS, will practically drive people to your parking lot.

So how do you submit your business to many local directories at once?

The answer is simple and the return on investment is priceless.

You can start by going here. >>>>>> Mass Directory Submission

If you scroll down on the page, you can try it for $39.00. If you don’t don’t like it you can move up in packages.

You can get your business information in over 250 local directories including GPS systems and even mobile directories.

Check it out!

SEO Proposals and Contracts

If you want to start your own SEO firm, or maybe you are already in business then it may be time to go to the next level and really increase your client base and revenue?

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If you are looking for some SEO Proposals and Contracts, you came to the right place.

This SEO business startup kit is the result of years of experience and effort, compiled for freelancers like you that are looking to either start up an SEO business for the first time or enhance your existing business with proven strategies, contracts, agreement forms, document templates and a no nonsense “how to” complete step by step business guide.

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I use these amazing templates when I started my SEO firm in West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Gardens Florida.