Exact Match Domain Recovery

Our domain is an exact match domain and boy did we suffer when Google tanked EMD’s or exact match domains. But if you are reading this, it look like you found us okay using Google.

We lost traffic like crazy, but we were able to bring ourselves back up to par.  How did we recover from Google’s Exact Match Domain Update?

Here’s how.

We used a tool like this one to measure keyword density.  We lowered our keyword density from 12% down to 3%.

We also took a look at where are backlinks were coming from. We had no problem with any spammy anchor text and most of our links are natural so we didn’t think this was a problem.

We started blogging again on this site and are attempting to update the site regularly.

Design wise, we put more content above the fold to avoid any other Google penalties.

We also got some outside help for our SEO efforts which really worked nicely.

The recovery time from the Exact Match Domain update only took about a month.

If you Google: SEO Tools and Software we come up again on the first page.


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